Homesick Blues…

Now that you’ve crossed over to university life!

How are you coping with all the excitement of change?

Moving away from home for the first time is bound to stir up the emotions. If you’re feeling homesick remember you’re definitely not the only one! Here are some tips from Vicky Ainsworth, Resident Life Assistant, to combat those homesick blues

TOP TIPS TO COMBAT THOSE HOMESICK BLUES! It’s OK to miss home, its OK to miss your friends and family, its OK to miss your dog your rabbit your fish. AND it’s definitely OK to talk about it.

BE HEALTHY: looking after yourself is so important! Although living off crisps, chocolate, lager and frozen pizza may seem like ‘the student way’ it will make most things including homesickness seem and feel so much worse. Eat some veggies, drink some water, do some exercise and get some fresh air. Although this may not cure everything we guarantee it will make things seem a little better and a little easier to deal with.

KEEP IT REAL: manage your expectation of what uni-life actually is. We have all seen the films and heard the stories but uni-life isn’t one huge wild party. Don’t let social media cloud your judgement on other people’s experience of uni either. Some days will be amazing, some days will be dull and boring, and some days will be really hard. Everyone is going through the same experiences but they are only posting about the amazing days. There is also the element of what I believe the kids are calling FOMO.

NOT NECESSARILY ‘OUT OUT’ BUT OUT: don’t isolate yourself in your room. Your new uni room is an amazing little safe haven but don’t rely on it too much, it can make your homesickness worse. Get out (and we don’t just mean the pub) get to know the local area, join a club, explore, maybe a part time job, volunteer at a local organisation of interest or go create some adventure.

TALK ABOUT IT: talk to your new housemates, talk to your Resident Life Assistant (RLA), talk to your lecturers, talk to the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team, talk to the Students Union. People are there and happy to help you feel more positive. Having a positive outlook will help you to make the most out of uni and your new home and also help to make new friends to enjoy it with.

KEEPING IN TOUCH…but not too much. This is a fine balance. Obviously stay in touch with your friends and family (they are missing you too remember) but too much contact can actually make homesickness worse. Plan a trip home to give yourself something to look forward to (and catch up on your washing) but don’t do it too early in the term. Going back too soon could get in the way of the process of getting know and settling in your new environment.

SUPPORT: The LiveWell blog provides lots of tips and hacks to help you feel better. And this is the link to Health and Wellbeing Services at UoC. And here is some information about emotional support.