Don’t let “success” define your success!

What would happen if we just learn to accept ourselves? – says our guest blogger Nikita Rishton

What is success?

Is it the highly paid career?

Is it the big house?

Is it the new car?

Is it the romantic relationship?

Is it the target weight?

We always seem to be striving for something more, never satisfied with what we have and the here and now. Caught up in thinking if we just achieve this next goal we will be successful and happy.

But who’s standards are we living up to?

The societal norms?




Often we are so absorbed in what we think we want or need in life, that we don’t take the time to be happy in the present!

Do you ever think back to a time in your life and reminisce about the fun times or the happy times?

But back then did you really take the time to appreciate and enjoy what you had and what you had achieved there and then or where you too busy striving for more?

Why do we never feel as though we are enough just as we are, that it is wrong to be comfortable and not trying to achieve more success?

Why do we feel the need to be constantly busy, always rushing, working longer hours, making more money and maintaining the perfect image.

How can all these things make us happy if we are always going to be wanting more?


Maybe we need to leave behind all of these thoughts and pressures that we feel and take the time to appreciate ourselves! Stop putting the pressure on ourselves and love who we are and appreciate how successful we are in our own terms of success.

Define your own success and be happy!


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